Friday, 6 July 2012

5/7: New Retail - Orbit, Logos and More

As well as the pin traders pins, more new designs were announced today...

4 new varieties of the logo pin - gold and silver '3D' versions labelled convex and concave designs. It's a little difficult to see in the images, but these pins have relief rather than being flat. Each pin is limited to 50,000 pieces.

Pin 1768
Pin 1769
Pin 1783
Pin 1784

Then we have two post box pins with either a white logo or Union flag logo. These pins complement the telephone box pin launched last week. Both are limited to 10,000 pieces

Pin 1712
Pin 1713

Next there is a pin of the Arcelor Mittal Orbit - the sculpture and observation platform within the Olympic Park. This pin uses the 'Landlines' colouring combined with a white logo. This pin is limited to 10,000 pieces.

Pin 1781

Lastly, the very popular Union Flag wellies pin that sold out is re-issued with a white logo instead of the Union Flag logo. This pin is limited to 30,000 pieces whereas the original was 2,012 pieces.

Pin 1142


noel 9 said...

I love the Wellies...... ok this is a re hash of the earlier Union Jack One..... BUT this one has been already ordered for my collection. In a way it looks better than the first Union Jack / Union Jack Version.

Different versions of the same pin do not always work..... but these do.

TJ said...

I would of thought the countdown pins will be released this week has anyone heard anything on the pin grapevine..also anything re the elusive St Patrick pin.....

London Pins said...

TJ, next retail countdown pin is 10 days to go. Still waiting to hear of St Patrick sighting too.

Coin Bazaar said...

These above pins are now available at

yukti said...

very good job guys